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Fun in gaming!

Our vision

We want to create a nice gaming experience for all players in the games we play as platoon.

One of the ways to achieve this is to rent servers and run them in a way which reflects our keywords.

Keywords for us are being mature, fairness and respect for eachother. This is also shown in the way we admin the servers. Threating every player as an adult and helping them out when they have a question. We find that everybody should be threated in the same way and have respect towards eachother, no exceptions made.

To complete the experience we also have a website were players can drop there question regarding our servers, maps or other stuff you want to talk about.

We listen to our community

To further meet the need of our player base we started to add a suggestion category for our servers to let the community, YOU, provide us with feedback.

Based on this we will regularly add polls to customize our rule set, map vote list and other things to our community's need.

Please visit our forum to give us feedback, discuss, link cool videos or share your experiences on our and other servers.

If you like our server, please consider SUPPORTING US!

We are active on Discord

The Battlefield franchise is about teamplay. Join us on Discord to experience how much more fun and success one can have playing in a team.


Do you want to be part of our platoon then you can make an apply on our forum. Remember that before you apply you have to play on a regular base on our server. We need to know you a bit before we can say yes or no.

The decision if you can join is made by the leaders in cooperation with the members. When you are accepted the only thing we ask of you is in helping out on the server i.e. in filling and playing on the ARP servers.



hi, EA down til Monday, so EA support....Hard times....:(....HF with other games.

zwankie - 4 months ago

Happy new year! :-)



p0nZ - 6 months ago

malle unban your boi mandingo 3

Sgt_Malle - 6 months ago

yeah procon somehow deleted the config and it went crazy...come on discord next time and inform us as we are more active there


admin tool go crazy, doesnt work then was activ again, i write wtf and they kick me...lool

wildem4n - 7 months ago

Oh hello there

Sgt_Malle - 7 months ago

yeah there is hunter. No friendly vehicle seat stealing, gunners should repair and no enemy vehicle stealing from base

8ITCH_HUNTER - 7 months ago

Is their any rule for tank or lav seat stealing?

8ITCH_HUNTER - 7 months ago

Warning was about my language after saying ezi.Next time I will take a screenshot.And please call me "HUNTER" Ok "Sgt_Biatch" XDDDDDDD

Sgt_Malle - 7 months ago

nah you are my biatch :P Anyway I checked the logs and there was no warning. So not sure what you mean

8ITCH_HUNTER - 7 months ago

server 1 and call me hunter :p

Sgt_Malle - 7 months ago

which server 8itch?

8ITCH_HUNTER - 7 months ago

I got a warning for saying ezi.why?

Sgt_Malle - 7 months ago

Not possible in this case. 1st his emblem was always suspicious and 2nd I read so many hate things about jews in his chatlogs that one cannot talk from a one time mistake. We will and cannot tolerate that on our servers!

8ITCH_HUNTER - 7 months ago

Can you please give him second chance.He will not do these types of mistakes in future.?

Sgt_Malle - 7 months ago

Nope! There is no place for fascism on our servers!

8ITCH_HUNTER - 7 months ago

Guys please remove zsoltii88 ban from server 1.

rubykozak - 8 months ago

hi all, question about perm ban: accidentaly i use a word "****s" to my team to rush objectives and i get banned is something to i can make to un ban me? on rush servrs

8ITCH_HUNTER - 8 months ago

Thanks jep :]

JepJep - 8 months ago

Ok, i will Hunter.

8ITCH_HUNTER - 8 months ago

Make another one?Something funny and savage type.

JepJep - 8 months ago

Chandan, I made you a slogan. Type !hunter to check it. If you don't like it i can make another one.

Sgt_Malle - 8 months ago

sub come to discord or write me in origin maybe I can help you!


i remove origin and re-install, but dont help. some files delete i think. im copy the games to ext hdd. now i create new account, then buy bf4 again. it works but i start as a true noob now:) so what- i cant wait weeks til EA patch or restore:)

JepJep - 8 months ago

You still have your gamedata on your hdd right Sub?


EA down at all.... no tel.contact possible, no login in forums,services a.so. looks like they lose my data completly


i guess EA got dmg in Austin texas while Hurrican, there a lot of EA studios. Timing is nearly, i play BF saturday morning, since evening sat no more log possible. But no info in net about EA , alot players cant play


start game-origin log popup, my log data doesnt work, request my pass no email rescieved

Sgt_Malle - 8 months ago

What happened Sub? Any specific error you get?Come to Discord and send a screenshot of what happens


hi, cant play BF4,BF1,BF3 login not possiple since 2 Days ago...

JepJep - 8 months ago

I replied on your post Busteroo.

Busteroo - 8 months ago

I got banned just like SgtDracoinz for no reason. I was playing on deff side and i pushed attackers spawn and admin idk why didnt say any warnings, just banned me

Chandan1762 - 8 months ago

can i have personal slogan cmd :]

JepJep - 9 months ago

Yes, it did :(

Chandan1762 - 9 months ago

server 1 crash today ? :[

SgtDraconiz - 9 months ago

Yo i just got banned or something from #1 ! i join and it says i get kicked by admin? havent done anything wrong except PTFO

Sgt_Malle - 9 months ago

There is a new crash exploit since an update from DICE last Friday. Currently our servers are being target the whole day. There is nothing we can do but hope for a patch from DICE! Sorry for all the trouble and thx for your loyality!

Chandan1762 - 9 months ago

server 1 crashed again. :[

Chandan1762 - 9 months ago

Unable to see server what happen guys?


Report: server 1 crash


report massive lags on ARP server 1 today...

JepJep - 9 months ago

Yeah, we had some troubles with the admintool. But it's fixed now :)

Chandan1762 - 9 months ago

Guys server script broken everyone is using mortor and their is no rule do something.

JepJep - 9 months ago

Hi Chandan,I posted your application in the forum. Check the link http://arp-platoon.net/forum/platoon-applications/467-application-8itch-hunter#3014

Chandan1762 - 9 months ago


FlyingViro - 10 months ago

Hey guys. Just wanted to note that auto punisher ;-) does not work properly. Yesterday on #1 server it didn't kick a mortar user. Could you please look into it?

Sgt_Malle - 10 months ago

A note for our members: Now with a 2nd server up and running we would like to remind you that every donation will help us keep our servers running. We believe that 7€ in 3 months is an affordable amount for everybody (just buy one beer less a month)

JepJep - 10 months ago

Number 1 crashed like 4 times yesterday. I contacted the provider and they said there's a new exploit to make servers crash. DICE knows about this and will release a patch soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

by_IVANO - 11 months ago

Hi itsHOWSS,nice to hear from you ;)Servers are running very well.Would be nice if u find the time to join us sometimes.Cheers ARP-Originals :)

by_IVANO - 11 months ago

Hi cash, aslong dice dont give us the chance to customize our servers as we want to, amkes no sense to rent a BF1 server atm. But nice to hear from you :)

itsHOWSS - 11 months ago

Hello boys , most of you might not know me (maybe all by now..), but i was one of the founders of the platoon ,just want to say Hi , its really nice to see its still alive and kept going hope you guys having a good time!

onlycash - 11 months ago

do you guys have a bf1 server ?

SkyDreamer_EA - 11 months ago

we'll check it, don't worry about it =)

ExA_Enrybaster - 11 months ago

Hello guys, I had a problem on your #2 server. I was playing Rush on Locker and I got banned by the server autoban because I was headshotting with .44 Magnum.....Can you please cancel the ban?

Sgt_Malle - 1 year ago

Thank you ph911! We were actually hoping that it helps to fill the server as these two maps are still the most popular ones. Seems like it worked/works :)

ph911 - 1 year ago

It was a great idea, set during the day Locker/Metro mode:)

BOBR66 - 1 year ago


Sgt_Malle - 1 year ago

Hmmm... All the chats are gone but I think when you go on the Platoon page in the old battlelog you can join it again! I am not using the new UI but rather set it to still use the old one

FlyingViro - 1 year ago

Hey. I've just got HIT by new "battlelog". ... WTF!?! I can't find our platoon chat.

Sgt_Malle - 1 year ago

Hey Hufvud :) We made it new :) Do you like it?

HufvudJeger - 1 year ago

Hello folks! And, what the actual **** happend to this webpage?......

BOBR66 - 1 year ago

By the way about the birds and where our Brigadenfuhrer Jep ?

Sgt_Malle - 1 year ago

Will do when you learn proper English :P

BOBR66 - 1 year ago

sGT/mALLE learn the way to spell my nickname

BOBR66 - 1 year ago

If so refer to the promise of Jepa, you did not have to do on the forum page BF1. By the way the same words were against BF4 before the game and then ... I understand that this is your opinion, and any other players.

Sgt_Malle - 1 year ago

Install BF4 again Rodau! Much fun on the server :)Bobr: No point in getting a BF1 server with the lack of customization and kick/ban only for server owner.... My honest believe is that this game is dead before it offers what communities want :(

BOBR66 - 1 year ago

and what to delete? I sometimes I go to play.

rodau - 1 year ago

Hi guys good to see the server still going strong. At the moment I have deleted BF4 so cannot even spectate.

BarneyGoogle - 1 year ago


BarneyGoogle - 1 year ago

Good luck in life all!

BarneyGoogle - 1 year ago

Hello all :D

BOBR66 - 1 year ago

Well, where BF1 server ???

JepJep - 1 year ago

Thank you very much for your donation mr. Moon :)

BOBR66 - 1 year ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE5SjwPOk34 cheatr in BF1

by_IVANO - 1 year ago

well done guys :D

Sgt_Malle - 1 year ago

Welcome to our new homepage! Have a look around and check it out! We appreciate any feedback :D

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