Our mission

Fun in gaming!

Our vision

We want to create a nice gaming experience for all players in the games we play as platoon.

One of the ways to achieve this is to rent servers and run them in a way which reflects our keywords.

Keywords for us are being mature, fairness and respect for eachother. This is also shown in the way we admin the servers. Threating every player as an adult and helping them out when they have a question. We find that everybody should be threated in the same way and have respect towards eachother, no exceptions made.

To complete the experience we also have a website were players can drop there question regarding our servers, maps or other stuff you want to talk about.

We listen to our community

To further meet the need of our player base we started to add a suggestion category for our servers to let the community, YOU, provide us with feedback.

Based on this we will regularly add polls to customize our rule set, map vote list and other things to our community's need.

Please visit our forum to give us feedback, discuss, link cool videos or share your experiences on our and other servers.

If you like our server, please consider SUPPORTING US!

We are active on Discord

The Battlefield franchise is about teamplay. Join us on Discord to experience how much more fun and success one can have playing in a team.


Do you want to be part of our platoon then you can make an apply on our forum. Remember that before you apply you have to play on a regular base on our server. We need to know you a bit before we can say yes or no.

The decision if you can join is made by the leaders in cooperation with the members. When you are accepted the only thing we ask of you is in helping out on the server i.e. in filling and playing on the ARP servers.

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