In 2010 a group of regulars played Battlefield 3 on a specific mode and map a lot. The mode was Rush and the map Damavand Peak. At a certain point the platoon who rented the server decided to close the server if there was nobody to pay for the server. One player decided to rent the server from this platoon.

The next logical step was to create a platoon, so it happend. The name of this was platoon was ARP, Attacking Rush Players.

When Battlefield 4 came out the platoon moved to this game. Also a website was build to support the platoon. After a difficult start because of the state of the game we grew and grew to a point we had like over 100 members. In 2015 some members decided to leave ARP and start their own platoon.

This year battlefied 1 came out and some of us started to play this game. We have the intention to rent a server but at this moment the Renting Server Program(RSP) in bf1 is still in beta fase.

Also we thinkt this is a good moment to redesign the website. Thanks to Sgt_Malle and Naxter for the work they put into it to make this great website.

Keywords for us are being mature, fairness and respect for eachother. This also the way on how we run our servers. But the most important part is fun for all players.

Come and visit our servers!

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