Thank you for considering to become an ARP member.

Before you make an apply you need to play on a regularly base on our server so we can get to you know you a little bit better. We also appreciate if you join us on Discord. We don't demand from you to be the best lonely wolf, we demand from you cooperation, engagement and enjoying the game with us! As we are a mature clan, we do generally not accept players who are younger than 16.

Do you play on our server reguarly and you think you are ARP material? Then post an application in the Forum section including the following:

  • In-game name
  • Your age
  • Why you want to join ARP
  • Any ARP members that support your application
  • If you are able to join us on Discord (not a must)

Rules for our members

  • Every member is obligated to wear the ARP tag when playing on our servers
  • Be nice and welcoming to our community, i.e., no insults, racism etc. in any form
  • No cheating in any form

By applying you agree on our rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you ask of me?
The only thing we ask of you is that your a teamplayer, friendly and that you play regularly on our server. We also appreciate when members help filling our servers by joining early!

Who will decide when i can join ARP?
The decision is made by the platoon leaders and members in a majority vote. We may also ask for a trial period (max 2 weeks).

How is the decision made?
The decision is based on how you get along with other players/members. Mature attitude, beeing friendly are also important for us. Also ARP-members opinion is taken into account.

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