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ARP is ready to welcome you on one of our servers, we mainly play the RUSH game mode and challenge you to come and join us to have some fun. We try to keep a nice atmosphere on our server and have a good time playing with friends.

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We are still expanding our community and recruiting new ARP members. If you play regularly on our servers and would like to join ARP, then you can apply here.

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If you want to get unbanned, click the following link and ask an admin for an unban. We understand that people can get frustrated by the game and start to rage in chat, so we usually give people a second chance. We just want to keep our chat polite, it's more fun for everyone in a friendly environment.
If you use the new ingame UI instead of battlelog, then the messages are not that detailed about what happened. You can try joining by using battlelog and you will get a better message of what is going on. In case you still don't understand why you get kicked/killed, you can also ask the admins in discord they can maybe see more information about your kick.
Yes, JepJep01 is really a Dick. That's his first name unfortunately, but he is the nicest person you will ever meet :D.
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